gold-rings-san-diegoCatering to clients in San Diego, La Jolla and surrounding areas in search of the best priced, high-quality wedding and engagement rings, loose diamonds and other fine jewelry for decades, we believe our customers should know all they can about the jewelry they invest in. Gold isn’t just gold; there are various “karats” (not to be confused with diamond carats), as well as colors including yellow, white, and rose. If you’re in the market to purchase wedding rings or men’s wedding bands, you’ll want to know the difference before spending your hard-earned money.

Let’s begin with color. Is there a difference? Yes. When you’re looking for pure gold, it will be really gold (or yellow). How gold it is depends on the karats, whether 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k, etc. The higher the number, the more pure the gold – and the softer. David & Sons Fine Jewelers makes primarily 18k gold and some 14k.

White gold is similar to silver in appearance, and is a good choice for those who prefer a brighter, cooler-hued option. Comprised of silver, palladium, nickel and gold, white gold is often dipped in rhodium to achieve the white gold tone and may require “re-dipping) after lots of years or wear to get the shining, new look it once had back.

Rose gold has a somewhat pink or red look and is created by combining pure gold and copper. How pink or red the gold looks depends on how much copper is added in the process of alloying, or mixing of the two metals. Rose gold is often the preference of those who have a less traditional, eccentric style.

What about karats? How pure a gold wedding band or engagement ring’s metal is depends on the karats; the lower the number, the less pure. While 10k is the most durable and least likely to scratch or bend, it also is the least pure.

14k is a common choice among those purchasing wedding or engagement rings, as it is highly durable and contains a higher level of gold than other metals.

mens-wedding-bands-san-diego18k gold offers a brighter gold tone, and is less likely to cause those who are sensitive to metals an allergic reaction. It is more expensive, and while it may scratch or bend more easily than 10k or 14k, it is quite durable compared to 24k, the most easily bent or scratched karat of gold. 24k gold is a pure gold color because it does contain the highest amount of gold, however in order for it to be at all strong it is nearly always mixed with other metals.

24 is the magical number you need to understand when choosing karat. 10k gold is an alloy comprised of 10 parts gold and 14 parts silver, copper, or other metals, while 14k gold is comprised of 14 parts gold and 10 parts metals that are non-gold, etc.

At David & Sons Fine Jewelers, we want our customers to be educated and fully aware of the jewelry they purchase. Whether you’re in search of wedding rings, loose diamonds or other jewelry in the San Diego area, trust our professionals to help you understand the various elements that impact quality, wear, appearance and price.