Factors to Consider When Buying Colored Stone Bands

If you are planning to buy a colored stone band, this post is a must-read as we share with you the top factors to consider. Put simply, colored stones are not just a great way to add the perfect pop of color to your band, but it also makes a great fashion statement and investment. Our team of GIA Graduate Gemologists handpick and match each diamond by color, clarity, and cut to ensure unified quality and brilliance for generations. Read on to learn more:

Touch and Feel it

We at David and Sons Fine Jewelers suggest buyers take time to browse through the options available. Select a stone band that complements your personality. Did you know that stones of different colors have different meanings? For example:


Emeralds are famous for their vivid green exotic color. It has a long history with royalty and symbolizes a happy marriage and fertility.


Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones among women. This gemstone symbolizes passion, fire, and love. They are super glamorous and bound to make heads turn.


Bands and rings with sapphire stones look stunning. Sapphire is the birthstone for September and is symbolic of wisdom and fertility. The deep blue color of this gemstone is attention-grabbing and hard to go unnoticed.

So, look for a stone that evokes happiness and reflects true feelings. Take time to look around and explore your options to make the best pick.


Shop from a Reputed Store

As colored stones are expensive, you’d want to ensure that you are spending on something authentic. This is why it is recommended to always shop from a reputable jeweler like us. At David and Sons Fine Jewelers, we offer many rings and colored stone bands in white, yellow, and rose gold. In addition to this, with all of our colored stone bands, we guarantee the following:

  • Free Maintenance and Cleaning for Life
  • Appraisal for Insurance Purposes
  • 30 day Exchange
  • FREE Shipping
  • Expert Service

Wait no more! Whether you’re looking for a perfect band to gift your beloved on their birthday or engagement or a stylish piece of jewelry for yourself to make a strong fashion statement, shop with us. We have something for everyone for every occasion at prices that will have you smiling.