Lab Grown Inquiry

The most common question asked about Lab Grown/Man Made Diamonds is whether or not they are real natural diamonds. The simple answer is yes, they are real natural diamonds. 

The main difference between a Lab Grown natural diamond and an Earth Created natural diamond is its origin – where it is created. Natural Lab Grown diamonds are created in a lab that replicates the creation process of a natural Earth Created diamond. As such, the result is a natural Lab Made diamond that is chemically and visually the same as a natural Earth Created diamond. 

It’s second, and final, difference is its price. While Lab Grown natural diamonds and Earth Created natural diamonds are nearly the same, Lab Grown natural diamonds are more moderately priced. In addition to our large Earth Created natural diamond inventory, we also carry an extensive Lab Grown natural diamond inventory on-hand at wholesale pricing. If you are interested in a Lab Grown natural loose diamond, engagement ring, or jewelry, please inquire below for a quote.