engagement-rings-la-jollaAccording to a ruling from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this summer, a diamond is a diamond whether it’s completely natural and derived from the earth, or grown in a laboratory. Naturally this is not the news diamond miners wanted to hear, but it’s a huge victory for the synthetic diamond industry. What does all of this really mean for consumers?

As jewelers in the San Diego area providing clients with a huge array of loose diamonds, engagement rings and other jewelry for decades, we want to help you understand what for many is a somewhat confusing subject.

Essentially, the FTC has taken the word “natural” out of the definition of a diamond. The Commission says because it is possible to manufacture products in the laboratory that have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as “natural” diamonds mined from the earth, they are essentially the same. Hence, no more “natural.”

Sadly, the fact is that natural diamonds are a gift from mother nature, a gift that is scarce and not easy to find. How can we think of diamonds that are essentially “grown” in a scientific lab as the genuine thing, something that conveys love and romance more than anything else in the world? It’s a hard pill to swallow for many of us, who understand the rarity and uniqueness of a “real” diamond.

buy-diamonds-san-diegoAnother factor that consumers no doubt think about is cost. Would you want to pay as much for a synthetic or man-made diamond created in a lab as you would a diamond created naturally, one discovered from the earth itself? For many there is a great divide, and considering scientific labs are capable of “manufacturing” diamonds of any size, shape, or cut in unlimited quantities, somehow it seems to diminish the experience. While the prices of these “diamonds” created in a lab environment are high, many prefer to spend their hard-earned money on those that are not so easy to find and scarce.  Naturally!

What is you opinion; do you agree with the FTC’s recent ruling about what is defined as a diamond?

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