When you decide to invest in a piece of jewelry, you want to make sure it’s covered if something happens to the precious stones or setting. While it may be the last thing on your mind when becoming engaged, insuring your jewelry from loss is a smart decision to make. Sometimes accidents happen or you misplace your engagement ring. You never know what the future holds.

But if you have high-quality jewelry insurance, your partner can rock your brilliant diamond ring without worry. When you’re considering jewelry insurance, here’s how to ensure your engagement ring against loss.

1| Get the Jewelry Insurance As Soon As Possible

As soon as you invest in the fine jewelry consider covering the diamonds or stones against total loss or damage. Nothing’s worse than wishing you had if something happens to your jewelry investment.

2| Choose a Jewelry Coverage Provider You Trust

It’s never a good idea to buy insurance from the jeweler you purchased the engagement ring from in the first place. Usually, the price and coverage offered won’t be the best deal. While there are a few different insurers to consider, at David & Sons Fine Jewelers, we recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance for the most competitive pricing and coverage.

3| Understand the Jewelry Insurance Covers

Like all types of insurance, understanding what’s covered and what isn’t is essential. Whether you’re insuring an engagement ring, earrings, or even loose stones, you’ll need to make sure you purchase comprehensive repair or replacement coverage. Some insurance companies also provide coverage for worldwide travel and theft. Knowing what your policy includes will give you peace of mind.

4| Get an Appraisal

At David & Sons Fine Jewelers, we provide a jewelry appraisal for our customers so that you can insure your wedding ring or fine jewelry. Our experienced gemologist examines the authenticity, quality, design, and value of the piece of jewelry.

While it’s an opinion, our gemologists have specialized training, technical equipment, and experience to certify the appraisal. We make sure the estimate reflects the actual value of the jewelry.