Are you about to propose to the love of your life? Have you started thinking about ring shopping? We want to help by sharing ideas about some alternatives to gold engagement rings. Gold is a popular choice for a good reason, but there are some other metals you might want to consider. If you are ready to look beyond yellow, white, or rose gold, below are four attractive alternatives for engagement rings.

Meeting with a professional jeweler to ask questions and see the differences in these types of engagement rings is a good step in making the best choice.


If your budget is tight, titanium is a terrific option. It’s grey in hue, durable and lightweight. One of the greatest perks is that it is less expensive than gold or platinum. The only downside is that it cannot be resized if the wearer needs to go up in size at some point.

Note that it is also a smart option for wedding rings for either the man or the woman. If a man is looking for a wide, thick band that requires a lot more metal, it will be a fraction of the cost as the same type of band made of gold or platinum.


Heavier than gold, platinum is also a popular choice for engagement rings. It is more expensive than gold but is an attractive option. It is a bit more durable than gold and able to stand up to daily wear and tear. Though it can scratch, those imperfections are easily polished out. The prongs that hold the diamond are also less likely to break. In addition, if your soon-to-be fiance has any allergies to other metals, a platinum engagement ring is less likely to cause irritation.

Sterling Silver

For the bargain hunter, sterling silver is a much cheaper alternative to gold or platinum. Another upside is that sterling silver rings are hypoallergenic. While silver doesn’t have the same monetary value, it still has that shiny white-gold-like appearance.

What are the downsides? According to Robin Raven at Brides.com, sterling silver will have to be re-dipped over time and is more often a temporary starter ring until a person can afford an engagement ring made of something sturdier like gold or platinum. Sterling silver rings also tend to tarnish quickly after a few years of wear.


Palladium is a less expensive version of platinum. It looks similar to white gold. It may not be the best choice for someone who works with their hands a lot because of its density. That said, it is excellent for people with metal sensitivities because it is hypoallergenic. Finishes can be brushed, hammered, or high polish. Though commonly used in wedding bands, palladium looks beautiful paired with a diamond in an engagement ring.

It makes sense that gold may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about engagement rings. But as we’ve shown, there are other super attractive options. Once you’ve finished your online research and you are ready to make your purchase, David & Sons Fine Jewelers is happy to assist you. You can peruse engagement rings in their online store or visit their San Diego location.

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