A wedding ring and engagement ring mark the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong partnership. As you contemplate the right words to use for your proposal, the same amount of effort and dedication needs to go into finding the right ring. Understanding the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring goes a long way in ensuring that you choose a unique piece for your soon-to-be life partner. Here Are some of the things you need to know about these two symbolic rings – from what each symbolizes to look and how to wear them.

What is an Engagement Ring, and What is the Meaning Behind It?

An engagement ring stands for a promise for marriage, and it dates back to ancient times. When presenting your loved one with an engagement ring, it means that you are devoted and committed to your cherished partner.

Although engagement rings weren’t associated with diamonds in the past, the 20th century saw diamond rings become famous for such occasions. Knowing how diamonds are made, these gemstones are considered the most precious and perfect additions to engagement rings.

What is a Wedding Ring and What is the Meaning Behind It?

Wedding bands are traditionally diamond-encrusted or plain metal that couples exchange during their wedding ceremony. Over time, wedding bands come in different colors and styles, but they tend to be more straightforward than engagement rings.

Traditionally, a wedding ring came in plain yellow and white gold, but that has changed with platinum and diamond wedding bands have become more popular. A wedding ring is a symbol of union and love and a well-loved tradition everywhere in the world.

Difference Between Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

The critical difference between these two symbolic rings is that an engagement ring is presented during the proposal and a wedding ring during the marriage ceremony. Once the rings have been given, they serve the same purpose – symbolizing the couple’s commitment and love to each other. However, it’s also easy to distinguish them in style, look, and settings.

Engagement Ring:

One of the main distinguishing features of an engagement ring is a center stone that is usually a gemstone or diamond. This ring has intricate designs that enhance its appeal, making it steal the show in every setting. Due to the intricate sets and designs, most women rarely wear their engagement rings daily, but only during special occasions.

Wedding Ring:

Most wedding rings are simpler than engagement rings and typically consist of simple plain metal. However, modern designs have led to the addition of subtle embellishments. Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands don’t feature a center stone but small diamonds or gemstones around the ring. The most common wedding ring settings and styles are pavés, channel set, and plain. Wedding rings tend to be suitable for everyday use due to the sturdiness they possess.

If you are choosing a wedding ring or engagement ring, it’s advisable to diverge from the norm since it is your wedding, after all. Consider a suitable style that rhymes with your personality and makes you happy.

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