How to Buy a Rolex Online

Preowned Rolex Watches

There are few luxury goods that you can purchase, enjoy, and wear that will maintain or increase in value. Rolex sport model watches fall within that category. On average, the rolex market has outperformed both the stock market and real estate in the US over the past 10 years. Even if you are interested in purchasing a Rolex without any investment interest in mind – it is still nice to know that you are purchasing something that is of strong market value.

Rolex sells their watches directly through Rolex Boutique stores and jewelers that are Authorized Dealers (ADs). Those Boutiques and ADs are required to sell the watches for the MSRP that Rolex specifies. Due to limited supply and extraordinarily high demand, it has become very difficult to purchase desirable Rolexes from Boutiques and Authorized Dealers for MSRP. One must be placed on a waitlist that can extend for many long years, assuming the waitlist has yet to meet its capacity – which can happen with many desirable models.

Considering these factors, Pre-Owned desirable Rolexes are readily available at secondary vendors for prices that exceed MSRP. At David & Sons, we constantly have 100 or more desirable Pre-Owned (worn or unworn) Rolexes in-stock on hand. Whether you decide to purchase online or instore, we have NO waitlist – and, you will receive your timepiece ASAP.

While plenty of vendors carry a few Pre-Owned Rolexes on hand, our inventory cannot be matched. Also, with multiple watch experts on staff, we guarantee that all of our timepieces are 100% authentic. Lastly, we have more than 1,100 five star reviews on Yelp – awarding us the title of #1 Jeweler in the entire United States on Yelp. With a remarkable in-stock inventory, a 100% authenticity guarantee, and unbeatable reviews, David & Sons is undoubtedly the best place to purchase a Pre-Owned Rolex.

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