Engagement Ring

If everything goes as planned, your fiancé will end up wearing their engagement ring for many years to come. But, of course, making such a significant purchase requires many considerations.

First off, if you have already discussed getting married, why not have a date night window shopping at a jewelry shop? Getting an idea for your partner’s likes will help avoid a disappointed look when you open that box and pop the big question. And you’ll know her ring size for when you are ready to invest in the perfect ring.

Before you eventually pull out your wallet, you’ll want to think about price, stone, and cut, and what type or ring might best fit your partner’s lifestyle.

Stone & Cut

While at the jewelry store, try to pay attention to if your soon-to-be fiance seems drawn to a certain cut or color of the diamond.

Perhaps she might even prefer a birthstone engagement ring instead. Also, notice if the gold bands she gravitates toward tend to be thick or dainty.

You might also want to inquire at the store about what types of rings they might be able to custom-make for you.

Lifestyle Fit

Have you thought about how your partner’s day-to-day lifestyle might impact the type of ring you should get her? For example, if she is a parent or plans to be, a larger, clunky ring may get in the way of specific tasks. On the other hand, if she works in a setting that is all about prestige, she may prefer a big flash of bling.

If your fiance is working with their hands a lot, maybe they would prefer small stones all the way around the wedding band instead of a huge princess-cut diamond that protrudes upward.

While an engagement ring can be taken off on certain occasions, it is nice to choose something that can be worn most of the time.

Purchase Price

Have you crunched the numbers to see what your budget is for the engagement ring? It is often true that you get what you pay for, and this piece of jewelry should stand the test of time. That said, it is also essential to stay within a budget that works for you.

Price isn’t determined just based on the size of the stone; depending on what type of gold and the thickness of the band, prices can vary widely.

It’s important to note that there are cheaper alternatives to gold, like titanium, but it can’t be resized like gold. This can be problematic with any significant weight gain or loss, which is common after a pregnancy, for example.

Pro Tip: One option that might allow you to spend more on an engagement ring is to use inherited family wedding rings. That means you are only paying for one ring instead of two!

We hope after reading this, you will be more confident about what you should look for in an engagement ring for your beloved. The good news is, when you are ready to take the plunge and make your purchase, David & Sons Fine Jewelers is available to help you. You can either make an appointment at their San Diego location or shop for engagement rings using their online store.

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