3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Mass Produced Engagement Ring

Why should you spend extra money to get a high-quality engagement ring instead of a mass produced one? If this question has you scratching your head, wondering what the answers are, read on. You’ll thank us later!

1. Mass Produced Rings Don’t Last

Don’t you want to give an engagement ring that will stand the test of time? If you’re young and lucky in love, that could be over 50 years, right? So let the romance of your upcoming proposal sweep you both off of your feet. After all, the fairy-tale moments in life are few and far between.

In your preliminary ring research, you may have stumbled across sterling silver engagement rings and been tempted by their unbelievably low cost. You might have even been struck by how much sterling silver engagement rings look like white gold. The problem is, they won’t stand up to years of daily wear and tear. And these rings will likely tarnish after a few years.

Titanium engagement rings are another mass produced option. But what happens if your wife gets pregnant and can’t wear the ring? Unfortunately, titanium can’t be resized.

You might end up going out and buying a gold ring instead. Gold can be resized inexpensively and easily and stands up to decades of wear. Platinum is another engagement ring that is known for standing the test of time.

2. Mass Produced Rings Aren’t a Good Investment

While buying a mass produced engagement ring can save you money in the short term, it is likely to cost more in the long term when you inevitably have to buy a replacement ring down the line. It doesn’t make sense to buy two rings when you could have just purchased one quality ring to begin with.

Well-made engagement rings are designed using precious metals like gold. This means they retain and may increase in value over time. This makes them appealing family legacies that can eventually be passed down your family line. And if things go sideways and your partner doesn’t accept your proposal, they can sell them.

3. Mass Produced Rings are Hard to Flaunt

Most people want an engagement ring that they love and that they’re excited to show off to friends and on social media.

If it’s a tiny diamond or a mass produced silver ring from a big box store, she may still say yes and love you but may feel less confident showing off the ring.

To avoid this situation, you can both check out rings at a store together to get an idea of the price and style. It might also give you an idea about if you need to wait a little longer and save up a bit more. Or you may discover you already have enough to buy her the ring of her dreams.

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